One comment on “Skutt Catholic High School vs. Mr. Matthew Eledge…Ideology vs. What Is Best For the Students

  1. While I normally don’t reply/update my original posts, I feel this is one time that is necessary to do so. Despite my hope that Skutt Catholic High School officials would make the morally correct decision, it appears they are digging their heels in and affirming their decision to legally discriminate against Mr. Eledge. School president Jon McMahon released a statement, reiterating among other things, that this was a “teaching moment” and that “It is important that we help all who wrestle with this situation to understand the Church’s teachings and to firmly ground that seeking of understanding in truth and in love.”

    Locally, it seems this battle has become an ideology vs. contract matter. However, lost in the ideology/contract battle is the fact that those that are losing the most from this are the students. It appears Mr. Eledge is both an excellent teacher and leader who is well respected by his students and colleagues alike. Skutt Catholic High School has the legal right to discriminate against Mr. Eledge because it is a religion-affiliated institution. However, in “affirm[ing] Christ’s mandate to love”, the school is screwing over its own students…in the name of Christ. How ironic.

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